We all know what a bathhouse is! It is wonderful, unforgettable feelings, good mood and, of course, a good for the whole organism. Oh, what a pleasure it is to sit with a cordial company of friends in the sweating-room. Feel the healing power of birch brooms and flavors of Ukrainian forest.

Bathhouse will help to keep vital tone, to make you fit, that's why they say, "If the bathhouse you visit your new skin will be exquisite". Even our ancestors knew that bathhouse steam is very healthy. Take a chance to have fun and to spend time for your good. A Russian bathhouse with a relaxation room, a TV and a swimming pool is at your service. In warm seasons you can swim in the lake, which is located directly in front of the bathhouse. In winter, everyone who wishes can feel like a winter swimmer, and dip into the ice hole. Just imagine how many bright emotions and impressions you’ll receive. Bathhouse is designed for 8-9 people, if you wish you may order some dishes from the restaurant and to have a tasty meal. Or you may take all the necessary things with you and organize a splendid party with fragrant kebabs by yourself, they can also be grilled on the barbecue, which we prepared for you.


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